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In accordance with the Agreement between the Russian Federation and the United States of America on the simplification of visa formalities for nationals of the Russian Federation and nationals of the United States of America effective September 9, 2012 the US citizens shall as a rule be issued multiple-entry business, private, humanitarian and tourist visas for a stay of no more than 6 months starting from the date of each entry that are valid for three years (36 months) from the date of issue of the visa.



Private Visa (Homestay)
  Business Visa
Tourist Visa
Student Visa
Work Visa
Transit Visa
Humanitarian Visa
Registration of adopted children
Documents on Demand
Power of Attorney

All visa applicants are welcome  to apply for Russian visas to the Visa Center located at: 2226 Elliot Ave, Suite #A, Seattle, WA 98121, B. hours: 8.30 am - 4 pm, lunch break: 12.30 pm - 1.30 pm, ph.206-452-1739, f. 206-452-1790, www.ils-usa.com info-seattle@ils-usa.com. Service fee - 33 USD.

Applicants for Russian visas can also apply directly to the Visa Section of the Consulate General of the Russian Federation in Seattle. Prior to submitting your visa application to Russian consulate you must make a PRIOR APPOINTMENT on the following web-site. For applying directly you are required to appear in person for a visa interview at the Consular Division from 9 a.m. till 12.15 p.m. Please, comply with the general visa obtaining procedure and have available all the documents concerning your trip. Tourist\visa processing agencies have to submit applications to the ILS only.

Please comply with the following procedure and have the following documents available.


Please, read carefully!

When applying, please be advised, that the permission to enter Russia is a courtesy of the State. In accordance with the International Law, the Consulate in certain cases reserves the right to consider your visa applications for as long as it is necessary.

Visa can be denied if the Consulate has serious reasons to believe that the Applicant's visit to Russia is not desirable without disclosing the reason for the denial. Visа application fees are not subject to reimbursement in case of subsequent refusal.

Visa processing starts only after all visa documents are submitted.

In order to enjoy your visit to Russia, it’s important for you to apply for the right type of visa, the one that corresponds to the real purpose of your trip.


Documents required for any type of business visa

  1.     A completed visa application form (one per person) with one professional passport-size photo glued to the appropriate space of the form.
Applicants should complete Visa application on-line and print it out on the special  web-site: 
http://visa.kdmid.ru .

Please be advised, if you submit application directly to the Consulate , choose the «CONSULATE GENERAL IN SEATTLE» office when you are applying in question "Visa Issuing Office" while filling up your Electronic Visa Application Form.

The form is to be completed accurately and completely, every question must be answered (if a question does not apply, please type N/A. The form should bear the original signature of the Applicant, all dates should be written following the European standard (day/ month/ year). Incomplete forms will be returned  unprocessed.

 2.  A valid passport (original) and a copy of its vital pages with bearer’s personal data  (including the amendments on p. 24: passport validity extension, the bearer's name change, etc.  Passport must be valid for  six months beyond the visa expiration date and contain at least two blank pages marked “visas”, otherwise the passport and  documents  will not be accepted.

 3.  The written statement from the host organization, which should indicate: the full name of the host organization, its official address and contact information, the surname, first name, patronymic, and position of the person who signed the statement (if the host organization is a legal entity or enterprise, an institution or their affiliate established in the territory of the Russian Federation – the individual taxpayer number), and basic information regarding the visa applicant: the surname, first name, other names, date of birth, citizenship, sex, passport number, multiplicity of the visa, purpose of travel, requested period of entry, location of intended residence of the visa applicant, and the cities to be visited.

Information for Turkish citizens

In accordance with the Decree № 583, issued by the President of the Russian Federation on November 28, 2015, the procedure for entering the Russian Federation for citizens of the Republic of Turkey, bearers of a regular Turkish passports, has been revised.

As of January 1, 2016, Turkish citizens bearing said passports will be required to obtain a Russian visa issued by a diplomatic or consular division of the Russian Federation. (For more information please visit our website http://visa.kdmid.ru.).

This does not affect Turkish citizens:

  • bearing temporary residency permits or permanent residency cards for the territory of the Russian Federation;
  • bearers of special or official passports, traveling to the Russian Federation for less than 30 days;
  • bearing special or official passports who are working at diplomatic missions and consulates of the Republic of Turkey on the territory of the Russian Federation, and their family members who hold valid special or official Turkish passports;
  • or Turkish citizens who hold a Seaman's Passport, provided they are entering for maritime purposes on ship orders.

Attention, former USSR and Russian citizens

При обращении за визой граждан бывшего СССР заявителю необходимо предоставить документ, подтверждающий отсутствие у него российского гражданства (копия выездной визы из СССР, копия заграничного паспорта СССР с отметкой о выезде на постоянное жительство до 2 февраля 1992 года, паспорт с указанием гражданства одной из стран СНГ, либо иной документ, свидетельствующий об отсутствии у заявителя российского гражданства).

Обращаем внимание на то, что согласно положениям статьи 6 Закона Российской Федерации "О гражданстве Российской Федерации" за лицом, состоящим в российском гражданстве, не признается принадлежность к гражданству другого государства, если иное не предусмотрено международным договором Российской Федерации. Поэтому указанные лица рассматриваются только в качестве российских граждан и должны въезжать в Россию и выезжать из нее только по действительным российским паспортам.

Attention, non-American citizens

You may apply for a visa  if you are a US Green Card  holder or you have a  long term non-immigration legal status in the USA  valid  for more than 3 months .  The holders of US tourist visas or short term visitors have to apply for a Russian visa in the country of their residence only.

On the basis of reciprocity a mandatory medical insurance (see the list of appropriate licensed insurers)  is required for the citizens of Estonia, Israel and Finland, as well as the citizens of Schengen Agreement Member-States.

 5.  Visa fees and processing time information

The following fees will apply:

Method of payment - a money order or a cashier’s check payable to the Russian Consulate General for visa processing. Please, note that cash, company check or personal check are not acceptable. The following fees will apply:

Processing time

Single entry visa

Double entry visa

Multiple entry visa

9 business days 








3 business days (not including the day of application)




Attention, EU citizens

In accordance with the Visa Agreement signed by the Russian Federation and the European Union citizens of all EU countries except Ireland, Great Britain are welcome to submit the  following fees for all types of visas:

6 business days – 50 USD

3 business days – 100 USD


Processing time, requirements and fees are subject to change without notice.

Any Applicant may be interviewed by a consular officer if necessary.

Please note, that the above mentioned requirements are general. If you have any specific questions, please contact at